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Starting in 2013, the marcom team successfully extended their Social Media service. Last year more than 600.000 readers followed the University’s Social Media activities since May 2016. Besides, the messengers WhatsApp and Snapchat were introduced.

Highlights 2016

2016 was marked by three major highlights: First, the new HFT Stuttgart video was finished and published. Along with the video production, the HFT YouTube channel was extended. The second highlight was the great success of the WhatsApp group for freshmen offering from September till December. 70 percent of the freshman students – Bachelor and Master – participated. Third achievement was the launching of the Snapchat account in October 2016. With a 30 percent follower increase, Snapchat has the largest rate of increase next to Instagram.

Why WhatsApp and Snapchat?

WhatsApp and Snapchat are interesting for reaching a young target group. Studies have proven, less than 20 year old use above all other channels WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook achieves the fourth rating position. The changed communication channels influence a changing University communication.

HFT Stuttgart Social Media channels

Facebook still remains as the largest University’s Social Media channel. Starting in 2013, Facebook is the oldest communication medium of the University, too. The average readership on Facebook is 61 thousand a month. Followed by the HFT YouTube and Twitter channel, Instagram has currently the second largest readership with 25 thousand a month.

Target group: Alumni

Besides the university’s Alumni-Portal, the HFT Stuttgart supervised Xing and LinkedIn presences since winter term 2016/17. On both Xing, the German network for professionals, and LinkedIn, the international Xing equivalent, we publish university’s news and events. Currently the HFT Stuttgart has 533 Alumni members on Xing and 2370 members on LinkedIn.

Goodbye Google+

Although the University made a lot of innovations, there is a farewell, too. Google+ lost its importance for University communication. The active Google+ communication ended in at the November 2016.

Users, media and communication technology are changing. New channels will come. We are curious to see what 2017 will have in store!

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