ESRI User Conference 2017 <<

ESRI User conference is an annual showcase and practical hands-on ArcGIS and GIS tools ecosystem, as well as other companies providing mapping and geo-processing products.

The event was held in San Diego`s Convention Center from Monday, 10.7 to Friday 14.7. With more than 300 sessions and more than 17.000 attendees, ESRI UC is a major event for professionals, students, companies and vendors.

The Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart welcomed the opportunity to present a joint work with ESRI concerning an interoperability experiment, including geospatial technologies and the OGC’s Portrayal Service.

The demand of serving large 3D spatial data, mainly in urban areas, reflected the need of hierarchical 3D data storages. During the last years, community standards, namely 3Dtiles (Analytical Graphics) and i3S (ESRI), emerged in order to deal with this issue.  Conceptually, hierarchical 3D stores, operate in an analogous manner with web map tiles, differentiating only in the implementation.

So far, each standard (3DTiles and i3S) is compatible with a specific web client which consumes a hierarchical model mainly for visualization using a virtual globe. More specifically, 3DTiles and i3S are compatible with Cesium and ArcGIS API for JavaScript respectively. Our experiment, including a live demo, showcases a scenario where the Cesium client consumes a i3S data store with the Portrayal Service acting as a middleware broker. Our goal is to examine, if is plausible for web globe APIs to consume hierarchical storages via a Portrayal Service, the same way Web Map Services publish map tiles in different image formats.

Athanasios Koukofikis (