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“Stay connected!”
A first response to a centralized Alumni-Network was given in 2014. Four years later, the HFT Alumni-Network has over 2.300 members. At the end of each semester, all graduates are invited to join the Network by email. Alternatively they can subscribe to the Network on the Alumni website. The membership increases every semester: in summer term 2018 more than 47 percent of the graduates became a member.

Reasons to become a member

Graduates are precious sources of inspiration for the University. They provide input about current trends in economy and society. Alumni create a platform for a professional exchange between science, practice and teaching – across all faculties. Networking is the key. Students, young professionals and professionals benefit from each other.

Benefits and offerings

The HFT Alumni-Network offers a wide range of benefits. The latest offering is a free 12-month LinkedIn Premium account. Furthermore, all members are able to attend selected courses of the Didaktikzentrum for free. Four times a year, the Alumni headquarter office informs all newsletter subscribers about latest news, Didaktikzentrum-courses and coming up events of the HFT Stuttgart. Additionally, the headquarter office organizes a free photo shooting during the general graduation ceremony. All pictures are available for download in the login area on the Alumni website.

Join the HFT Alumni-Netzwork today!

Alumni office
Jessica Hagenbeck