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Visual analytics application of E-bike usages

Visualization and analysis of E-bike usage in 3D city models by integration of heterogeneous sensor data in the i_city project, a joint research with Daimler TSS and HFT Stuttgart

The “i_city E-Bike sharing” is a 3D web-based visual analytics application designed for researchers who are interested in the relation among the different parameters from sensor systems equipped on the E-bike sharing system in the Stuttgart city.

The main aim of this application is to show a simulation of the historical E-bike route track together with a comparison chart among the different selected parameters such as battery level, geospatial altitude, pedal force, motor support level, etc. The most important feature on Cesium to this application is a support of "Path" or 3D motion of an object over time. It is used to simulate the 3D path of the historical E-bike route, which can be simply done by converting the sensor data to CZML format.
Additionally, to help users understand the area better, bike routes are set in a 3D city model, which is integrated with points of interest such as bike stations and bus stations.

This application is part of my master thesis work in a topic of " Visualization and Analysis of E-bike Usage in 3D City Model by Integration of Heterogeneous Sensor Data"

Thunyathep Santhanavanich (