Level Name Requirement Content


English Elementary

English Elementary Blended Learning

No require knowledge

Students can understand simple phrases concerning themselves, their family and their immediate surroundings when they are formulated simply and spoken slowly and clearly. Students can introduce themselves to others and say simple sentences about themselves and their job. They know the numbers 1-100, can understand prices and tell the time. In addition to reading simple messages and filling in forms with personal details, students can write simple notes.


English Lower Intermediate

English Lower Intermediate Blended Learning

Level A1

Students can understand the main points of written and spoken texts that relate to themselves, their family and job. They can glean the main message from short, simple announcements and find key information in everyday texts, such as magazines, timetables and menus. Additionally, students can participate in simple exchanges using familiar language; they can ask and react to questions and give information relating to familiar topics. They can also write short notes and messages.


English Intermediate

Level A2

Students can understand standard, everyday vocabulary concerning work, leisure and matters of topical interest and they can request clarification when needed. When listening to more complex language, such as news bulletins, students can gather the main points provided they are clearly made. Students can also read texts, such as personal letters consisting of commonly-used vocabulary, and understand accounts of events and feelings. They can lead typical service exchanges of the kind encountered on a visit to a foreign country (e.g. making a reservation or booking a taxi). They can recount the plot of a book or film and write simple connected texts and letters describing their own experiences.


English Conversation and Communication Skills

Level B1*

This course is designed for students who wish to improve their conversation and communication skills. Participants will prepare introductions to a topic of their choice which will be the basis for group discussion or debate in class, give presentations and prepare and practice dialogues.


Business English Skills

Level B2**

Meetings, negotiations and presentations are the main features of this course. Specific vocabulary for the 5 mainly oral practice lessons will be acquired through the 3 desktop lessons spent with the learning programme. Soft skills and intercultural awareness are further aspects of the strong discussion element of this course. Grades will depend on a short end of course exam together with an assessment of class participation.

* Level B1 bzw. erfolgreiche Teilnahme der Kurse Business English Basics, Technical English for Architects and Civil Engineers
** Level B2 bzw. erfolgreiche Teilnahme der Kurse Business English Skills, English Conversation and Communication Skills, International Business Skills, Practical Financial English Skills