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Replicability Concept for Flexible Smart Grids <<

Akronym ReFlex
Funding Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)
Request for Proposal Systemintegration erneuerbarer Energien
Supporting Organisation Projektträger Jülich (PtJ)
HFT project director Prof. Dr. habil. Ursula Eicker
Project Staff Dr. Dirk Pietruschka, M.A. Ursula Pietzsch
Project partners AIT (Koordination), ZSW, EIFER, LiU (Linköping University), SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland)
Duration 01.04.2016 - 31.03.2019
Project description The main objectives of ReFlex are (a) to develop a replicability concept and guidelines for the deployment of technologically feasible, market based and user friendly solutions for smart grids with a high level of flexibility, and (b) to establish a Community of Practice (CoP) for in depth knowledge exchange between regional Smart Grid demo regions across the participating countries providing workshops and demo site visits of practitioners, stakeholders and researchers. A ReFlex Guidebook shall help the industrial actors and stakeholders in 9 demo regions and others to deploy their smart grid solutions accordingly. The replication concept and guidelines will be developed in trans-disciplinary workshops based on research from a inter-disciplinary research team from engineering and socio-economic disciplines. ReFlex takes into account all aspects of the energy system such as technological solutions, new rules and regulations, participatory processes, social acceptance and business models.
Keywords Smart Grids, Benchmarking, Replicability