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Concepts for sustainable energetic refurbishment and architectural refinement of nursing homes. <<

Akronym GenSAp
Funding Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)
Request for Proposal Forschung für energieoptimiertes Bauen - Energetische Verbesserung der Bausubstanz
Supporting Organisation Projektträger Jülich
HFT project director Prof. Dr. habil. Ursula Eicker, Prof. Andreas Loeffler
Project Staff M.A. Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michael Bossert
Project partners Deutsches Herzzentrum, Osram AG, Ev. Altenzentrum Bruchsal
Duration 01.04.2010 - 31.01.2014
Project description In a combined effort between the work group Sleep Research & Clinical Chronobiology (Charité) and the company Osram LLC, trend-setting, energy-related, healthy, economical, ecological and creative resolution methods are to be developed and compiled into guidelines and a benchmarking tool. These are to serve as tools for the assessment of the feasibility and validation of a sustainable renovation, as well as for the project organizers and planners.
Keywords Renovation, daylight, artificial light, energy renovation, nursing homes, residential home for the elderly, age-appropriate housing, dementia