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Heat Recovery by an Organic-Rankine-Cycle <<

Akronym RecoORC
Funding Europäische Union
Request for Proposal InnoNet - Förderung von innovativen Netzwerken
Supporting Organisation VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
HFT project director Prof. Dr. habil. Ursula Eicker
Project Staff Dr. Tobias Erhart
Project partners Hoogeschool West-Vlaanderen (BE), Universiteit Gent (BE), Stadtwerke Esslingen, Stadtwerke Neckarsulm, maxxtec AG Schwämmle GmbH, Köhler & Ziegler GmbH
Duration 01.03.2010 - 28.02.2013
Project description The goal of this joint research project is the analysis of innovative Organic Rankine Processes (ORC) for application in the field of industrial waste heat. Heat from production processes in the temperature range of 75°C - 500°C, waste heat from combined heat and power generation plants as well as heat from renewable energy production are to all be used increasingly in the future by ORC plants for the production of electricity. Research is necessary in order to determine the minimum usable temperatures, additional fuel feed, if necessary, fitting of heat exchangers as well as in the field of small-capacity machine development. As part of the project, layout design tools and dynamic simulation systems based on measured data are being developed, that enable detailed system planning and energy efficiency calculations.
Keywords Combined heat and power, waste heat use, industrial waste heat, ORC, organic fluids