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Consultancy services and the simulation of a building and its technical systems for a competition entry submitted by HTWG Konstanz <<

Akronym SDE -HTWG
Funding HTWG Konstanz
Request for Proposal keine Angabe
Supporting Organisation keine Angabe
HFT project director Prof. Dr. habil. Ursula Eicker
Duration 01.03.2012 - 30.04.2012
Project description The project brief is to use thermal simulation to study the building designed by HTWG Konstanz for the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) competition, and in particular to identify opportunities for optimization and develop suitable solutions. An accompanying simulation of technical systems will be used to facilitate further optimization. HFT Stuttgart will also act as a consultant on the refinement of PVT collectors. The study drawn up by HFT Stuttgart will draw on the expertise of the university’s Institute of Applied Research (IAF), and in particular the Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology (, headed by Prof. Dr Ursula Eicker). The simulations will be carried out by members Dilay Kesten and Antoine Dalibard. Consultancy services will be provided by Simon Büttgenbach, who also played a decisive role in the development of PVT collectors for HFT Stuttgart’s own entry to the SDE competition. All work carried out will be coordinated by Prof. Dr habil. Ursula Eicker.