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Simulation of the Bosch office complex “Si125” in Schwieberdingen <<

Akronym Simulation Bosch
Funding Robert Bosch GmbH
Request for Proposal k.A.
Supporting Organisation keine Angabe
HFT project director Prof. Dr. habil. Ursula Eicker
Project Staff M.Sc.Eng. Davor Kristic, Dr. Dirk Pietruschka
Project partners Robert Bosch GmbH
Duration 01.03.2012 - 30.04.2012
Project description Thermal building simulation is to be used to examine the Si125 office complex in Schwieberdingen. The core task is to compare how a façade solution based on double-glazed windows and standard fixed-position radiators reacts to heating and cooling loads when compared with a highly insulated façade only heated using a ventilation system. Both scenarios are based on the use of a ventilation system to supply air to and extract air from rooms on the building interior.