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Using smartphones to log native honey plants <<

Akronym Beesmart
Funding Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg (MWK)
Request for Proposal Förderung von FuE-Projekten für die Jahre 2009 ff. an Fachhochschulen durch das Land Baden-Württemberg
Supporting Organisation Koordinationsstelle Forschung und Entwicklung der FHen des Landes Baden-Württemberg
HFT project director Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Eberhard Gülch
Project Staff Dr. Oswald Aldrian, M.Sc. Shohrab Uddin
Project partners Bezirksimkerverein Waiblingen und Umgebung e.V. , Ministerium für Ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz Baden-Württemberg, Regierungspräsidium Freiburg i.Br., Landesanstalt für Bienenkunde, Landesverband Badischer Imker e.V., Landesverband Württembergischer Imker e.V.
Duration 01.11.2013 - 31.10.2015
Project description The primary goal of this research project is to facilitate the smartphone-based identification, logging and geographic localization of native flowering plants – an important food source for honeybees. The first part of the project will involve the development of an easy-to-use smartphone app (App2bee) which recognizes, localizes and logs flowering honey plants using the smartphone’s on-board camera, GPS and the automatic forwarding of data sets to a specially created web portal. Plant classification will also be supported by information on flowering periods already stored in the portal. Another portal function will permit the logging of flowering plants and areas which are of special interest to users such as apiarists and farmers. In addition to crowd-assisted data gathering, the second phase of the project will also include the testing and validation of a professional photogrammetric application based on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a variety of sensors (e.g. RGB and NIR cameras) and GPS as a means of capturing data over wide areas.