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Thermal city inventory by means of Gyrocopter TIR image flights <<

Akronym GyroTIR
Funding Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
Request for Proposal Group of Eight Australia Germany - Joint Research Co-operation Scheme
Supporting Organisation Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - DAAD
HFT project director Prof. Dr.-Ing.  Michael Hahn
Project Staff M.Sc. Alvand Miraliakbari
Project partners School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, The University of Western Australia, Prof. Mohammed Bennamoun
Duration 01.01.2009 - 31.10.2010
Project description The thermal city inventory has three objectives: (1) thermal acquisition of all objects of a city with a high spatial resolution, (2) integration of the recorded spectral image data into a three-dimensional city model, and (3) the analysis of thermal surface data for detecting and locating leaks, cracks and heat bridges. An information system is used to manage the city model which is enriched by thermal information. This allows for spatial queries of the data and provides detailed information on heat loss of individual parts of a building, e.g. of the roof and building facades. This can be used to derive quantitative information on potential energy saving of a building. The very stable flight condition of the Gyrocopter at low speed allows the full coverage capture of an urban region with TIR and SWIR frame cameras with a geometrical resolution 10 to 20 cm. The project will develop methodologies and procedures for thermal city inventory. This includes georeferencing of the thermal images, the radiometric calibration of thermal images (atmospheric correction, conversion of radiances into temperature values), the projection of images onto CAD models of buildings, derivation of the surface temperature distribution of the different parts of the building, the analysis for localising leakages and the integration of all data in a database.
Keywords Gyrocopter Aerial System, Thermal Aerial System, City Inventory