Topic 1

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Real-world laboratory – Communication, Participation, Teaching and Transfer <<

Management: Prof. Dr. habil. Ursula Eicker

On the one hand, the project follows the guiding principle of the "Reallabor" (real-world laboratory) and, on the other, the empowering approach in the manner of Do-Tanks; InnovationLabs, MindLabs and so on. Approaches, therefore, that aid sustainability innovations by means of empowerment in the leap to a broad application.

The solutions developed in the project are planned in advance to circumvent widespread obstacles in their realization, and their multifarious practical applications are promoted by transfer operations with social multiplier effects. These include partners in practice in order to manage the structural, technical, financial, and communicative challenges and the historical preservation aspects of a climate neutral university in a transdisciplinary real-world laboratory (Chambers of Crafts and of Architecture, the Association of German Architects, financial experts, citizens' cooperatives, energy consultants, civil engineers, and municipal authorities). Included also are transfer partners on a federal state level in order to ensure from the very beginning transferability as well as tangible multiplier effects (Association of Chambers of Commerce, Chamber of Architecture, Federal State Association of Energy Consultants and the energy associations, the German Sustainable Building Council, ministries, and municipal associations).