Topic 7

Sustainable Finance <<

Management: Prof. Dr. Tobias Popović

Measures for climate protection go hand-in-hand with a high investment volume for energy-efficient measures and lead to equally high funding requirements. Based on topics 4 and 6, how far sustainable finance instruments can supply a contribution towards realizing the energy turnaround and the application of climate-protection goals in the university context must be investigated. The main focus here is on, for instance, subsidies, promotional loans, energy cooperatives, cash-flow-based finance instruments (e.g. internal or contracting models), and possibly crowdfunding. The objective is, on the one hand, to gain as many stakeholders as possible as investors (e.g. university members, students’ parents, interested citizens, contractor companies etc.) and in this way to be able to finance a preferably high investment volume via citizens’ capital. On the other hand, this topic should work out how far the returns from energy saving (e.g. via contracting) or the profits from the university’s own energy production (e.g. feed-in remuneration for photovoltaic systems) can be utilized for university purposes (e.g. teachers, research, personnel, investments into further energy measures). For this topic, Stuttgart Financial – as the central platform for the financial planning of Baden-Wuerttemberg – has already offered its support.