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Alvand Miraliakbari  <<

When I was six years old, I received a camera as a present from my parents. Photography has been my hobby since then and in a way, this present showed me the way to my professional dedication: photogrammetry. While earning my Bachelor’s in surveying engineering in Teheran, Iran and thereafter, I gained five years of practical professional experience in supplying maps using techniques such as photography, field stereo check, GPS operation and laser scanning. When I discovered the Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics Master’s course brochures from the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart in 2005, I was attracted immediately, sent an e-mail to the course director and received a very warm and friendly answer. I really have to thank the professors of the HFT and the staff of the International Student Office for their helpful advice, support and all their efforts to make my stay as enjoyable and academically effective as possible.

In my class in Stuttgart, students from Africa, Central America, Asia and Germany came together to earn their Master’s degree within two years. It was hard work and since most of us had to earn money due to the fees and the relatively high cost of living, we couldn’t go on trips very often. But the excursion to Bad Boll at the beginning of the course is one of my best experiences in Germany. Growing together as a group, discussing various expectations and individual targets, learning more about teamwork through interesting games – I think such a well-organised weekend to learn about intercultural communication is just a brilliant idea. Regular monthly city tours to destinations such as Heidelberg or Blaubeuren and academic excursions add even more benefit to the Master’s course at the HFT in Stuttgart.

Nationality: Iranian – Azad University Teheran, Surveying Engineering