International study

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HFT Stuttgart has extensive agreements with over 70 partner universities and is able to offer places on exchange programmes in many European, Asian, North American and African countries.
The ability to cope in an intercultural environment, language skills and mobility are now amongst the most important recruitment criteria. Time spent studying abroad therefore gives students a crucial advantage when applying for jobs.
It is important to note that the International Office only offers places at partner universities. This notwithstanding, we are happy to advise any students who wish to look for their own foreign exchange opportunity.
Students who decide to organize their own place at a foreign university are able to apply as “freemovers”. Freemovers may be eligible for a grant from the DAAD Freemover Programme or the Knödler-Decker-Stiftung (with which HFT Stuttgart maintains close ties).

Gaining credits at foreign universities

The transferability of credits from foreign universities to your programme at HFT Stuttgart is to be confirmed with the Dean of the Faculty or the Programme Head ("Studiendekan") prior to departure. Credits gained abroad during a semester you have taken off as leave (“Urlaubssemester”) are not transferrable.