The master programme in International Project Management is designed for professionals in the construction field, who want to enhance their knowledge in the vast area of international project management. This master programme focuses on equipping the students with the latest tools of project management skills to ensure that the graduates are well prepared to take over national or international construction projects in the field of building or infrastructure.

The IPM Master Programme starts twice a year, in March and in September.

The programme is offered in a three-semester (S3) or a five-semester (S5) version, allowing students to combine part-time work and studies. The S3 version takes two semesters plus a subsequent semester for the master thesis. Full-time students (S3) must expect to have classes on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Part-time (S5) students will have classes on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays in their first and second semester and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in the third and fourth semester.


The IPM Master Programme offers two specializations, IBPM and IITM. Every student must choose one of the two. Most of the IPM classes are general project management classes and are held for all the students together. A small portion of the IPM curriculum is dedicated to the specializations to ensure that each field is thoroughly covered.

The specialization “International Building Project Management” [IBPM] provides you with the knowledge and tools to structure and manage complex projects: either self-employed, as a ‘project entrepreneur’ for an international consulting company or as a project-leading architect or engineer in a design firm.

The specialization “International Infrastructure Technology & Management” [IITM], will equip you with the technical and management skills to be able to successfully develop and implement local and international infrastructure strategies for the future.

Career Perspectives

Students will broaden their perspective and knowledge base in a rapidly changing environment in the
real estate industry. Through the IBPM as well as the IITM course, students will be prepared to enter a
new career level, move to management positions or simply offer their respective clients a different range of services that will be an added value.