Student Services

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Extensive Study Guidance

The IPM office is open on workdays and provides advice on many everyday questions before and during your studies. The entire IPM team (professors and assistants) is available to assist students with all questions concerning their studies. Please send us an e-mail to


Student housing in a dormitory is available. The cost of housing is competitive compared to the local market, usually costing less or around 350 Euros per month. These student dormitories also offer the advantage of living amongst fellow students.

Buddy Service

If desired, newly arriving students will be picked up at the airport and be accompanied to their room on campus. These buddies are senior students and can help you during the first few weeks. The ISO Office will set you up with your buddy. Both will help you through all the necessary German paperwork needed for your stay (forms for a bank account, student housing, health insurance, residence registration, university registration, and residence permit).

One-On-One Academic Support

Peers, tutors, and professors are all available to provide academic assistance when needed. A small student to faculty ratio means that professors are easy to contact, and are available to provide support directly to students.

IT Support

There are several computer rooms for student use, as well as internet access through 100 WLAN access points. A University VPN is also provided. For general problems at the university, the IT support of the university (located in room 2/016) can help.

Academic Library and Digital Library

The Academic Library of this university provides ample study materials for the coursework, as well as a quiet study space. It also supports a Digital Library, through which research platforms such as Science Direct are available.

Cultural Events and Excursions

The ISO Office hosts excursions on weekends as well as various student parties. The university-wide party "Stallfest" is organized by the student committee ASTA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss), and smaller parties are organized by the student councils (Fachschaft) of the faculties.

Fitness and Sports

The University helps connect students to various sports that are available. Sports at HFT Stuttgart

Student Cafeterias

The cafeteria in Building 1 of the HFT offers small snacks, drinks, and fruits from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The “Mensa,” or large cafeteria, is located just a 5 minute walk away, and offers a selection of at least five different meals every day, including vegetarian options. In addition to the main course, side dishes such as soups, salads and desserts are also available. All of this is priced for students, and so offers a good value. Studentenwerk Stuttgart

Student ID Card

The Student ID is multi-purpose, and can be used as a money card for the cafeteria, as a library card, and as a ticket for public transportation in Stuttgart on evenings and weekends.

Languages and Tandem Programme

Wednesday afternoon is reserved for language courses. The Institute for Foreign Languages (IFF, located in room 1/330), offers many free language courses. These courses are optional and not part of the study programme.
Interested students for the Tandem Programme should contact the ISO office to participate.

Printing Shop

InduPrint, located in Building 1, offers printing and binding services for special student prices.