Creative Hub – The next generation hotel
The hotel as a mirror of society

Under the basic theme of „The hotel as a mirror of society“, my master thesis deals with the question of the societal needs and expectations of a hotel in the future and the creative solutions resulting from it. After general research on the past and present travel behavior ten possible types of travelers have been developed for the future.

The selected „creative nomad“ forms the basis for the subsequent design. Its existence is rooted in the increasing use of artificial intelligence, which means that most of our presently known occupations will be omitted. This can lead to the change from a knowledge-driven economy, as we have it today, to a creative economy. No matter how „intelligent“ the technology will be, the certain human extra, creativity and the ability to draw self-evident conclusions, will never be replace by them.

The „Creative Hub“ takes this idea and creates a temporary home for creators and founders of every age and nationality. The building is located on site of the „Österreichischer Platz“ in Stuttgart, which will be traffic-calmed in 2050 according to the concept. On the square a place is formed, where traffic was formerly concentrated and, in the future, creativity - a nodal point of ideas. This is how the protagonists of the creative society can meet and consume and conceive new concepts.  Resources are united and synergies created, according to the idea of „peer-to-peer production“. The values of the hotel are therefore community, exchange, inspiration and innovation, according to the
guiding principle of the hotel: „Surround yourself with dreamers, doers, thinkers and believers so as to inspire and ignite great things in each other“.

Wiebke Mennerich, IMIAD alumna 2017