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Student projects

BUGA is coming to town

The slogan for the 2019 National Garden Show in Heilbronn is "BUGA 2019 – surprisingly different", and this was reflected in the results of a related project carried out by students in the 1st semester of the IMIAD programme in cooperation with Bundesgartenschau GmbH and Stuttgart-Hohenheim School of Master Florists.

Having been housed in temporary structures at previous garden shows, in 2019 the floral exhibition is set to be held in the permanent ABX Hall, a former rail freight warehouse located on the main BUGA site. The students' brief was therefore to develop a scenographic concept which factors in not only the building itself, but also the need for a variety of spaces offering flexible planting options which cater to an array of temporary exhibitions. In order to tackle this challenge, it was essential for our team of interior designers to work in close cooperation with our counterparts from the School of Master Florists.

In addition to innumerable hours in the studio, eight weeks of intensive, enriching project work also included a trip to the BUGA site in Heilbronn and an early-morning visit to a wholesale flower market. Taking "BUGA is coming to town" as our title, we then used a specially created pop-up store in the Stadtgalerie mall in Heilbronn to present our designs during the run-up to Christmas.

Pop-up-Store at a mall in Heilbronn

A substantial pool of initial ideas was distilled down to eight highly differentiated designs. The "Baroque 2.0" design, for example, turns the hall into a Baroque garden with movable hedges planted onto the CC containers typically used to transport flowers.
The "Let It Grow" design allows plants to gradually reconquer the ABX Hall over the course of the 170-day garden show, with the concrete floor ruptured by the destructive force of the plants' roots as nature fights to retake its territory.

Design "Let it grow", Meriem Ameziane, Olga Husser, Heather Miller, Anouche Weber, Miriam Mouchtar

By way of contrast, the "Growing Landscape" design is reminiscent of a Japanese garden, and consists of a landscape of flexible triangular modules of various heights which offers visitors ever-changing perspectives on the exhibition.
Making clever use of both freight containers (as partitions) and the old rail track still in place within the ABX Hall, the "En Route" design creates an exhibition space characterized by an artistic aesthetic and a wide variety of potential uses. The incorporation of recycling and upcycling concepts underlines the importance of sustainability.
The "Create Your Own Fairytale" design takes visitors to a strange fairytale world, where they are enchanted by fantastic projections of animals, trees and clouds as they stroll through a plantable landscape of hills.

Design "Create your own fairytale", Alexandra Martone, Colleen Chen, Klarissa Kock

"Fleximo" is an adaptable planting module that uses a naturally occurring form – the hexagon – to build not only plant beds of various types and sizes, but also seats and partitions. The various elements can be combined to form an infinite range of needs-oriented structures and spaces.
A design entitled "Floatigami" dots the hall with folded, origami-like elements and floods the spaces in between them with water.

Design "Floatigami", Eva Fröhlich, Marcelline Lacombe, Carina Mayer

The "ABX Hall Reloaded" design draws on the history of the freight warehouse, with wire crates used as partitions and a variety of logistical paraphernalia transformed into plant beds.

The opportunity to develop a design for an ambitious project of this type and gain insights into the work of a completely different profession made for a fascinating and informative experience for all participants. We can't wait for 2019 – because BUGA is coming to town!


Senta Hajek, 1. Semester IMIAD, Winter semester 16/17