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Student projects

Students design museum for HFT alumnus

Born in Sulz am Neckar, the 19th-century Orientalist painter Gustav Bauernfeind studied at the Royal Württemberg School of Building Trades – a predecessor of HFT Stuttgart – before embarking on a career as a painter. The announcement of a new Bauernfeind Museum was therefore a natural opportunity for the university’s students to not only take a fresh look at this celebrated alumnus, but also make design proposals for the new exhibition space.

Plans for the redesign of the existing museum in Sulz were drawn up by students on the BA programme in Interior Design under the supervision of Professor Claudio Cavadini. Yet before the plans could be implemented, the situation was turned on its head: The museum was no longer to remain at its current location, and instead to relocate to another building.

Students in the 3rd semester of the IMIAD programme were tasked with carrying out a preliminary study in preparation for the relocation project. The study began with an analysis of existing urban development plans for the town centre and a joint excursion to Sulz in order to gain a personal impression of the town, the building where the collection was now to be housed and exhibition space at the existing Gustav Bauernfeind Museum. This also provided an opportunity to carry out an ad-hoc survey of passers-by, who were asked to describe their personal hopes for “their town”.

The supervising professors – Wolfgang Grillitsch and Thomas Hundt – left it to the students to decide how to handle the building and whether or not they wished to make any modifications to its existing fabric. This resulted in six entirely individual designs ranging from conventional refurbishment, extensions and a redesigned roof truss to futuristic concepts featuring elements such as a new crystalline building shell.

Futuristic facade, Design "Zu Gast bei Gustav", Maike Eisenhardt, Julia Hölzer, Juliane Krauß, Patricia Klier

Innovative concept for a new building, Design "Kunstwinkel", Amelie Beicken, Anika Klos, Stella Mack, Ruolai Xu

The use and design of interior areas varied considerably from group to group. Whereas one group opted for a classical museum with exhibition space, another elected to combine the themes of “exhibition” and “work” and incorporate rentable studio space for artists and designers. One group developed a multi-functional spatial concept featuring spaces for talks, workshops, openings and similar events. There was one issue all groups were able to agree on: The people of Sulz need a new meeting place in the form of a café where they can engage in discussion and exchange.

Bauernfeind exhibition space, Design „Ein Haus für Sulz“, Lena Hainzinger, Nele Kiss, Anna König, Wiebke Mennerich

Permanent exhibition space, Design "Kunstwinkel", Amelie Beicken, Anika Klos, Stella Mack, Ruolai Xu

Café, Design "Kaffe Kunst Kultur", Silvia Dietrich, Helene Hoffmann, Ricarda Pulcher, Anna-Laura Schmitt

Café, Design "Zu Gast bei Gustav", Maike Eisenhardt, Julia Hölzer, Juliane Krauß, Patricia Klier

The students presented their final concepts to members of the town council and interested citizens at a public event held in Sulz Town Hall. The presentation was followed by small-group discussions of each individual project. This form of civic participation struck a chord with the town’s residents.
It was also an interesting experience for the students to initiate and participate in open dialogue with potential visitors to the new Gustav Bauernfeind Museum.

Public presentation of the designs in der Entwürfe in the town hall of Sulz am Neckar

The students’ designs will be used as a foundation for the continuation of the relocation project. Gustav Bauernfeind remains a topic of special interest at HFT Stuttgart, where it is now the turn of the university’s Business Psychology and Business Management students to develop marketing and operation concepts for the museum under the supervision of Professor Kristina Weichelt.

Frank Brauckhoff, 3. Semester IMIAD, Winter semester 16/17