Smart City Solutions

Programme Start: Yearly in September, for the second time in the winter term 2019/2020
Application Deadlines: May 1st for all non-EU applicants - Please see the Application procedure
July 15th for all EU applicants
Duration: 3 Semesters without additional MBA
4 Semesters with additional MBA

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Medium of instruction: English
Lecture days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Admission requirements:
  • First degree from architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, business administration or management with at least 210 ECTS and above average academic achievements (In the case of a degree with only 180 ECTS, a additional-semester of 30 ECTS must be completed before Master Thesis registration)
  • At least one year of relevant work experience
  • sufficient knowledge of English (e.g. TOEFL (paper-based) with 550 points or similar)
  • Application documents incl. essay on a given topic related to a Smart-City-theme
  • Interview via Skype



The Smart City is an approach that is being intensively discussed worldwide - in Rio de Janeiro as well as in Mumbai, in Copenhagen and Bangkok.
The goal of the master's degree course Smart City Solutions is to train the specialists of the individual departments as generalists who have a broad view of the diverse tasks and challenges of a modern city. To this end, graduates work in an interdisciplinary way and have knowledge and ability in all important areas in order to assure coordination and cross-functional functions.


Excellent career perspectives

Graduates have excellent career prospects in a wide variety of areas. The process of forming suitable teams of consultants for the task at hand, which is completely new in this form, is in full swing worldwide.
Smart City has definitely become an important field of activity for various actors who need specific competences and capacities: e. g. local authorities, IT companies, international business and engineering offices, service providers etc. Graduates have excellent career opportunities, both nationally and internationally.
Our well-developed network of mostly internationally operating companies offers a variety of job and internship opportunities.

HfT Building 8 - The modern place to learn and work during your studies

Our lectures take place in large, bright rooms with very good facilities. There's plenty of room to study. During your studies, you will always have your own workspace in which you can also work on projects.