Master Thesis Project

The complex Smart City 'Theme-Web' can only be understood and translated into relevant reality when combining
theory and practice. The intention is to extend this approach as well to the Master Thesis. Consequently the Master Thesis
consists of a theoretical part, following the acknowledged rules of scientific working (Module 10) and as well of a Case
Study in direct conjunction with the theoretical work , subject to the subsequent description


Learning Unit 10.1 Thesis Project Preparation

In line with above outlined target to support students in their future career planning ideally a Research subject for the Master Thesis is identified which connects with future employers or with specific chances in a certain market or region. Therefore support and coaching in this process is an essential element which consequently starts already in parallel to the learning units.
Students will have the ability to:
• identify their personal strengths, preferences and targets which allow not only to deliver a good Master Thesis but as well be opening chances for the future career
• mentally prepare for composing a scientific essay as opposed to their initial engineering specific project which was mainly based on practical work
• have the methodological knowledge and the practical skills required to commence and complete their master thesis independently, taking into consideration the lay- out, complexity, scientifically and required outcome
• be introduced to a master's thesis - theme proposal which relates to the acquired knowledge and the career perspectives of the student

Learning Unit 10.2 Thesis Project

The thesis project accompanies the master thesis in practice.