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Master programme Urban Planning

Profile  <<
Start of degree: In the summer semester
Application deadline: 15th January
Period of studies: 4 semesters/ part time possible
Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Structure and goals of the Master programme Urban Planning  <<

With the Master programme, team minded urban planners should be trained, who have classic basic knowledge of town planning, in urban development planning and urban renewal. Building on this they can specialise further e.g. in project development, energy efficiency and urban design. What makes it special is practical training with a theoretical basis. As a particularly innovative approach the integrated study model was appreciated in the accreditation: in the study projects - over the duration of one semester - with the majors of urban development, town planning and urban renewal the theoretical principles are combined with practical planning, the results are presented on site and documented in a book.

Focuses  <<

The programme starts in the first semester with the focus on urban development planning, in which city regional structures are analysed and concepts for the whole town are developed. These are supplemented by sectoral principles such as transport planning, landscape planning, regional planning, regional economy and urban sociology. Additionally introductions into legal, town planning and planning theory principles of urban planning are given.

The second semester focuses on town planning. In the study project a town planning design will be combined with basic subjects such as site development planning, open space planning, energy efficiency, urban land use planning, project development and building theory.

In the third semester the principles of urban renewal such as renovation, social town and urban redevelopment are taught, supplemented by subjects such as urban design, town planning funding, land use and development, renovation law and international planning principles.

In the fourth semester the degree is concluded with a Master's thesis.

Areas of activity  <<

The degree prepares students for various fields of activity e.g. in the communal sector (building and planning offices) and in the private sector (architecture, planning, landscape planning offices, renovation companies, development companies, real estate industry etc.). Based on the integrated study model the graduates can familiarise themselves with new areas of work flexibly and decide on focuses. Some graduates have successfully completed the town planning internship and strive towards management positions in public administration.

Lecturers and networks  <<

The Master programme is offered by professors from the areas of urban planning, town planning, project management and architecture as well as neighbouring programmes Civil Engineering, Infrastructure Management and Geoinformatics. This is supplemented by lecturers with professional experience and guest professors of German and foreign universities. On the advisory board of the Master programme are experts from urban planning offices, ministries, from development companies, planning offices and universities, who support the Master porgramme in teaching and research themes and critically accompany its further development. Thanks to regular specialist colloquiums, the alumni project and graduate surveys, a constant exchange with graduates and professionals is maintained.