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Master programme Mathematics

Profile  <<
Start of degree: In the summer semester
In the winter semester
Application deadline:

For the summer semester
15th November for applicants from non EU countries 15th January for applicants from EU countries for the winter semester
15th May for applicants from non EU countries
15th July for applicants from EU countries

Period of studies: 3 semesters
5 semesters part time
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Accompanying Bachelor porgrammes Bachelor programme Mathematics

Short description   <<

The three semester Master programme in Mathematics aims to build on the basis of a first degree in mathematics or a mathematics-natural sciences or technical subject with major mathematical contents, and train practically oriented mathematicians with advanced knowledge and skills.

Structure of the programme <<

Modules of theoretical and applied mathematics will be offered on a scientific basis, and IT modules are to be taken as minor subjects. The teaching of key qualifications is integrated in all courses.

With the study profile to be selected by the students before the start of the degree, the degree is oriented towards a mathematical area of application. The aim is to deepen and extend the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor programme. In the offered profiles of industrial geometry and finance and insurance mathematics the students learn how to comprehend complex contexts and develop solutions with mathematical methods. At the end of the degree a problem from the areas of mathematics or the profiles should be worked on independently in a scientific manner and presented appropriately in the scope of the Master thesis. The editing time for the Master thesis is 6 months.

Requirements <<

The entry requirement is an above average good final grade in the first degree at a German or equivalent foreign university with a period of studies of at least three years in the subject of mathematics or in a mathematical-natural science or technical subject with mathematical content, which encompass at least 110 credit points. Additionally good study performances in the first degree of around 25 credit points are required when selecting the study profile industrial geometry in geometry, when selecting the profile financial and insurance mathematics in finance mathematics, insurance mathematics and stochastics. IT skills of at least 20 credit points are obligatory.

Prospects <<

The Master programme in Mathematics prepares for management and development tasks and opens up access to higher employment. After successful completion there are a multitude of areas of employment with very good career prospects in banks and insurance companies, building societies, statistics offices, in IT and telecommunications companies, in research and development departments of industrial and economic companies and in software companies and management consultancies.

International partner universities <<

For students of the Master programme in Mathematics there are contacts to partner universities worldwide. The academic international office of the university is available to help you prepare and plan a semester abroad.

Accreditation <<

The Master programme in Mathematics was successfully accredited for 5 years in October 2007.

Contact <<

Phone +49 (0)711 8926 2526
Fax +49 (0)711 8926 2553
Schellingstr. 24, 70174 Stuttgart