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SimStadt Workshop at AGSE 2019 <<

9 – 10.9.2019 Preconference Workshop

11.-14.9.2019 AGSE conference

SimStadt is a workflow software for urban energy simulation developed at HFT Stuttgart. It is capable to manage and process data of the actual urban situation and future planning scenarios. Such scenarios include energy demand analysis of single buildings, city quarters, entire cities and regions. Further applications are reaching from simulation of heating demand and photovoltaic potential analysis up to simulations for building refurbishment and renewable energy provisioning strategies. With this the simulations platform provides an essential support for urban planners and managers for the definition and coordination to develop a modern city with low carbon emissions.

More details about SimStadt are available at >>

During the preconference workshop (9.-10.9.) an introduction to the calculation methods and training to use SimStadt will be given using sample data set. During the conference, you can work with your own data to get started with SimStadt for your own project. Mandatory data in this case is a 3D building model in CityGML (Lod 1 od 2) with building attributes yearOfConstruction and building function per building.

To participate the SimStadt Workshop, the registration of the AGSE conference is sufficient (and mandatory). The workshop is sponsored by the Steinbeis Technology Transfer at HFT Stuttgart.