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Facilities and Laboratories

Laboratory for Geodetic Measurement Techniques >>

Measuring instruments: application, tests and calibration

Laboratory for Building Information Modeling in Surveying and Geoinformatics (BIM-VG) >>

Application and development of BIM in the field of Surveying and Geoinformatics

Laboratory for Geodetic Data Processing >>

Application and development of geodetic software

Laboratory for Engineering Measurement Techniques >>

Application of instruments and methods in the field of engineering measurements, installation for instrument calibration

Laboratory for interoperable, and open-source Geospatial Software, Data and Standards (HFT ICA-OSGeo-Lab)>>

Evaluation, usage and dissemination of open-source IT and geospatial software technologies, open data and open standards

Laboratory for Image Understanding and Earth Observation Sensors (LIMES) >>

Application and development of photogrammetric software

Laboratory for Photogrammetry Techniques >>

Application and development of photogrammetric software

Laboratory for Sensors and Identification Systems >>

Soft- and hardware for sensors, identification and navigation

Fabber-Lab, Laboratory for 3D-Printing (Part of the Laboratory for Sensors and Identification Systems) >>

Processing 3D-models and realising as 3D-print

Mechanical Services >>

Custom products, add-on pieces, maintenance of instruments