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Master programme Surveying

Profile  <<
Start of degree: In the summer and winter semester
Application deadline: 15th July (winter semester), 15th January (summer semester)
Period of studies: 3 semesters, 5 semesters (part time)
Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)
Programme language: German
Accompanying Bachelor programme at HFT Stuttgart: Surveying and Geoinformatics

Short description / Profile of the programme  <<

The advanced study programme (consecutive) for above average qualified Bachelor and Diplom graduates teaches specialised skills in the areas of geodesics, which are primarily important for certified surveying engineers and engineers in higher surveying technology administration. The content of the degree was determined in agreement with practical representatives and the relevant ministry in Baden-Württemberg in such a way that the qualification for internship for higher surveying technology administration is achieved.
Programme language is German.

Structure of the programme <<

The degree is completely unitised and can therefore be absolved in full time (3 semesters) or in part time (5 semesters). In the first semesters the key focus lays on the interdisciplinary modules:

  • In summer semesters: engineering measurement techniques geodesy, data analysis, engineering geodesy, project engineering geodesy and general optional subjects.
  • In winter semesters: land management land survey register, spatial and urban land use planning, land use and development, geodata management, property and facility management, project land management and general optional subjects.
  • general optional subjects Additional to the 20 credit points which should be reached by the compulsory modules, 10 credit points must be reached by modules fromother master programmes. According to a prior agreement with the study dean this consolidates interdiscipliarity.

In all modules interdisciplinarity, teamwork, rhetoric-, presentation- and research-skills are advanced. Marketing, management, process management competences can be gained in the general optional subjects.

In the final semester research work and the Master thesis are in the foreground.

With the final Master thesis the students show that they can work on a selected project independently in a scientifically grounded way and successfully complete it in a specified period of time. Themes arise from the research work of the professors or from collaborations with practice. Suggestions from students are also accepted. The Master thesis can also of course be written at partner universities or companies abroad. The Master thesis must be presented and defended in a seminar.

The Master thesis is preceded by a theme related, strongly research oriented project, in which the skills in scientific working methods acquired from the first degree are advanced and strengthened.

Requirements <<

The consecutive Master programme is oriented towards above average qualified graduates of a university degree in the profile of surveying and geoinformatics or a degree with main content from geodesics. (grade 2.5 or better, german grade system)

Prospects <<

Various career possibilities are open to graduates of the Master porgramme in Surveying, both as independent engineers or in management positions in economics and public administration. The majors of land management and surveying qualify graduates for the areas of geodesics, in which there will be a high need for junior employees in the coming years due to the age structure of the engineers that are active now.

International partner universities <<

For students at the HFT Stuttgart there are contacts to over 70 partner universities worldwide. The academic international office of the university is available to help you with the preparation and planning of a semester abroad.

Also there are diverse contacts to foreign companies worldwide in the area of study, which cover all areas of the degree and are used by students for their final papers.

Accreditation <<

The Master programme in Surveying was successfully accredited by ASIIN (Accreditationsagentur für Studiengänge der Ingenieurwissenschaften, der Informatik, der Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik e.V.[Accreditation agency for courses of studies in engineering sciences, IT, natural sciences and mathematics.])

Contact <<

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