It is time to say Good Bye! <<

International Graduation Ceremony

On Monday, March 14th 2016, the graduates of the three international master programs of the HFT Stuttgart celebrated the International Graduation Ceremony with numerous guests.

The festive decorated auditorium of the HFT Stuttgart was filled with relatives, friends and University staff members to honor the successful completion of the international study programs Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, Software Technology and International Project Management.

The president of the University, Professor Rainer Franke, and the vice-president, Professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Huep, opened the celebration by welcoming all the graduates, their families and friends. Afterwards, each program dean congratulated their graduates and handed over the certificates. These were very special and emotional moments because this ceremony does not only mark the beginning of a new period of life for the graduates but it is also the time to say good-bye after a very intensive time of study. This festive event was accompanied by the piano player, Mr. Michael Lieb. At the end, there was an informal gathering and everyone enjoyed a glass of champagne or soft drink and snacks from the buffet. This was the chance for everyone for say farewell and to talk to the graduates, professors, and staff members and maybe even establish some professional relationships for the future.

We wish all of our graduates the very best, success in your career, use what you have learned to your advantage and apply it whenever you can!  

Marlen Mullins (