HFT goes mobile! <<

The HFT Stuttgart website comprises around 2,500 documents. They are accessed via 1,000 menu folders grouped into ten main menus featuring a wealth of submenus with up to five layers. The huge variety of information on offer in the form of articles, images, photo galleries, links, files and videos provides a comprehensive description of the university and its activities. Target groups ranging from school pupils, prospective master’s students and applicants to parents, the university’s partners and the general public are able to use to search and access all publicly available information about the university. From now on the desktop version of the website will be joined by a mobile version optimized for viewing on mobile devices! Would you prefer to use the desktop version on your tablet and the mobile version on your PC? Simply click on the corresponding link in the context box on the right-hand side of the page.

The mobile version is already online and makes the HFT Stuttgart website much easier to use on a smartphone or tablet than was previously the case. The new mobile structure and hideable navigation menus ensure user-friendly access to pages at all levels of the website. The mobile version of the website was conceived and developed by Susanne Königer and Lutz Faber (HFT Stuttgart Information Center).

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