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HFT Stuttgart offers two preparatory programs for refugees interested in obtaining a degree in construction engineering. The first program will begin on 1st June and is intended for refugees who possess a secondary school leaving qualification or have already begun studies in construction engineering with skill level B1 in the German language. A further program will commence in the winter semester. As of immediately, refugees can register for the preparatory program at HFT Stuttgart.

Lasting from 1st June to 31st July 2016, the program in the summer semester is based on the courses which are mentioned next, and whose graduates are very much in demand in Germany as well as the refugees' home countries. Included are bachelor's degrees in civil engineering, industrial engineering, building physics, infrastructure management, as well as master's degrees in foundation and tunnel construction, structural engineering, SENCE (sustainable energy competence), environmental protection and transport infrastructure management.

The preparatory program contains eight information and orientation events in the mentioned courses. These are accompanied by individual study counselling. To be established here are contacts with members of the student association as well as other international students. Also highly worthwhile are a number of company visits (to Züblin) as well as practical excursions to construction sites and interesting structures in the Stuttgart region. A module comprising specialized German for construction engineers provides the necessary linguistic skills, while a module dealing with intercultural competence is to help allow successful social integration.

As part of the INTEGRA program, HFT Stuttgart submitted this very comprehensive preparatory program which has been approved by the DAAD. This paves the way for two preparatory programs each with a duration of two months in the year 2016.

„One must imagine what it means to learn a complex and hitherto unfamiliar language from scratch in a foreign country and a completely different culture, so as to enable participation in written examinations as part of technical university courses! What it takes to cast off the trauma of war, overcome fears of rejection and look forward! Our program therefore has highly motivating components in which human encounters play an important role“, explains Dr. Michael Geiger, head of the international students' office and project manager of the preparatory program for refugees.

Karam Baddour, themselves a Syrian refugee and economist, is to serve as project assistant.

More information: For refugees: preparatory course in construction studies


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