The results of the Block 4 design competition are in! <<

This student competition took the title “A new Block” and was held in the summer semester of 2016. It was open to all students at HFT Stuttgart and initiated with the aim of investigating potential designs for a new Block 4 in the courtyard at the heart of the university campus.

The design competition began with a fantastic kick-off event in March 2016 and continued throughout the summer semester. In addition to drawing up a design for the building, teams were also encouraged to consider factors such as building use, the role of the building within the campus as a whole and the design of the courtyard outside.

Why the need for a new Block 4?

The existing building was only granted a ten-year permit as an experimental, temporary structure. That permit has now almost expired.
Held in the summer semester of 2016, the design competition represented the first step towards the realization of a new Block 4 and yielded a wealth of potential ideas. From usage concepts to interior design, the plans submitted highlighted a range of opportunities which can now be put into more concrete form during the second phase. The current schedule for the second phase foresees a joint project carried out by the Civil Engineering programme in cooperation with the Architecture programme. The final phase will involve the drafting and implementation of detailed plans and is set to take place in the summer semester of 2017.

Who took part in the design competition?

Innovative, multi-facetted designs were submitted by a total of nine interdisciplinary teams made up of members from five different programmes (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, Building Physics and Climate Engineering). They had a semester to finalize their ideas, which ranged from lightweight membrane structures and multi-purpose buildings to an expandable and retractable block of variable size. Prof.Dr Kathy Meiss, Prof. Benno Bauer and Prof.Dr Jan Cremers provided the student teams with support during the design process. A number of Block members were also on hand to give teams advice.
Which entries were singled out for praise?

The designs were presented to the jury on June 22, 2016. Jan Pfeffer began by giving a short introduction to both the competition to date and the presentation itself. The welcome addresses that followed included a speech by Mr Rieker, one of the two architects who designed the current Block 4. It was then time for the teams to present their work in front of a large audience. The jury awarded the top prize to two entries, with distinctions accompanied by smaller prizes awarded to another three.

The jury consisted of a supervisor from each of the five participating programmes alongside two students from AStA and Block 4 itself. Two prestigious external jury members – Dieter Straub of the Leonhard Weiss firm and Manuel Schupp from Orange Blu – were also present to examine the plans submitted and assess the designs they formed part of.

Two teams were awarded the top prize of 450 euros each:

  • Gabriel Köhler, Kathrin Müller, Simon Brakelmann, Richard Mödinger, Noemi Grodtke
    The team presented a design consisting of interlocking bodies with a reflective copper façade. It is not only an eye-catcher, but also reflects both students and their university. The meeting place is bathed in warm, shimmering light as the day draws to a close.
  • Marcel Alber, Wigand Knecht, Frithjof Korn, Chris Huber
    The outward-sloping walls of the lightweight structure presented by this team are clad in a plastic membrane. The vacuum created within the walls causes each section to bulge slightly outwards, lending the façade a creased yet elegant aesthetic.

In addition to the aforementioned prize-winners, the following three teams were awarded distinctions for design and innovation, potential uses and courtyard design along with 200 euros each in prize money:

  • Design and innovation: Marc Lange, Andreas Schnaitter, Simon Gritsch, Daniel Schnaithmann, Florian Renz, Linda Neubauer
  • Potential uses: Phillip Seil, Dennis Heß, Ruben Mast, Oezkan Oezcapaci, Benjamin Skrzypietz
  • Courtyard design: Lukas Boss, Florian Dreisigacker, Philipp Stauss, Laura Pap, Svenja Kublin

Block 4 extends its heartfelt thanks to all participants in the competition for their outstanding work. We are intrigued to see what structure will grace the university’s courtyard from 2017 onwards.