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PhD possibilities

PhD possibilities at the HFT Stuttgart

The individual path to a PhD

Many professors are engaged in numerous research projects at the HFT Stuttgart.

The professors and university staff at the HFT Stuttgart support junior researchers, who strive for doing a PhD program.

The University State Law (Landeshochschulgesetz) allows a cooperative PhD procedure. This procedure permits prospective advisors and examiners from the HFT Stuttgart as well as professors from other national or international academic institutions. The Audit Committee and the supervising professor must approve the prospective PhD project. For this reason the requirements for a PhD project depend on the chosen supervising professor.

Prospective PhD students and researchers should contact relevant professors to coordinate the individual PhD project.

PhD by cooperative graduate schools

The cooperative graduate school at the HFT Stuttgart provides the opportunity to work on individual research projects and to participate on advanced educational programs simultaneously. The school promotes regular exchanges, dialogue and networking activities as well as independent research by the PhD candidates. Its objective is to provide excellent graduates from various kinds of higher education institutions high quality care and support. The graduate school provides a thematic framework for interdisciplinary research projects.

Current PhD programs: