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Sami Eria  <<

A show of appreciation for the work done by the international students office

On behalf of the international students of the Master course Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, 2004/2006, I would like to express our gratitude at the selfless efforts of the staff of the international students’ office to make the first few months of our transition in to a new culture and city as smooth as possible.

In particular, I would like to thank the three energetic staff members: Marlene Masino, Esther and Joern; these are arguably one of the kindest characters that I have met in my adult life. Their kindness and concern for the welfare upon the arrival of our group of ‘confused’ students was a most humbling experience. In this fast world where no one has time-of-day for a stranger’s problems, it is with envy that I applaud the three staff members who showed that their priority lay in solving of the problems of the international students rather than their own.

I would like to further express our gratitude to you sir, for without your administration and organization of the activities in the ISO, none of the above would be possible. The organizing of caretakers to pick us up upon arrival at the airport, if I may be allowed to note, was a great idea; and that senior students did it voluntarily is touching. My vote of thanks goes to them too.

I hope your office perpetuates this kindness and generosity in the years to come.

Master Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics