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Studying at HFT Stuttgart

Studying in HFT Stuttgart begins with the signing of you admission letter! From that point henceforth you become an esteemed member of the HFT community. The admission and departmental staff not only monitors your journey to HFT from the moment you are accepted to the time you set foot in the international office. They monitor your preparation journey to Germany, while still in your home country and offers guidance and tips as necessary.

The staff at the International Students Office at HFT are very helpful and personally takes care of the new international students when they arrive, helping them process their documents or and even sometimes accompanying students to other offices outside the HFT e.g. the Rathaus.

The learning process

At HFT the learning process occurs both inside and outside the lecture halls. In the lecture halls you encounter truly dedicated, highly knowledgeable and experienced professors, who not only lectures but also engage with you in discussions on the subject matter of the lecture, incorporating the latest views, trends, and technology. While inside these classes, one can’t help but experience the feeling that you are in an institution dedicated towards teaching and research.

Why I chose to Study at HFT

The HFT offers unrivalled international course in Photogrametry and Geoinformatic. It has a combination of history, expertise and strategic vision that makes the course truly unique and appropriate for the needs of students who wants to build careers in GIS and Photogrammetry field.

Living in Stuttgart

Living in Stuttgart is like living in a 21st century city within medieval Europe. The architectural and cultural richness of the city appalls any visitor. The Museums, the galleries, the cobbled streets, and the preserved old towns (no glass and steel facades common in many metropolitan cities), offers visitors one of the greatest cultural exploits that you can ever find in one city! Being a city, it also has its own unique attractions: the efficient transport system, the fashion shops, not to mention the many festivals!

The greatest thing you learn living in Stuttgart is learning to appreciate! You learn to appreciate the beauty old architectural designs, you learn to appreciate the benefit of following simple rules, you learn to appreciate other peoples culture …and you learn to appreciate the sunshine (if you come from the tropics). In the end, Stuttgart models you into a more responsible and accommodative individual who not only appreciate other people’s culture, ideas, opinions and history, but also one’s own!

Nationality: Kenian - Master Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics