Success Stories

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Michael Johnson  <<

I can’t fail to be satisfied with what I have learnt. In study, I have gone a long way to achieving my aims; specific relationships with professors made me aware of how important professionalism was in the world of design.

I have learnt details of production and manufacture with regards to furniture production and interior design, experiencing the relationship between the designer and the client and an improvement in the basic skills such as drawing, model-building and communicating within groups.

Outside of study my ability in speaking German has developed rapidly from stumbling through basic vocabulary to confidently talking with the other German students, professors and within general circumstances such as shops, services and requesting information.

Excursions around Baden-Württemberg and beyond have helped me learn about the German culture and its history enabling me to understand the achievements and problems that have effected it and the issues that still effect current society.

A special note to make is the warm welcome I have felt from the people of Stuttgart and Germany generally. They have always been patient with my attempts in the language and I will remember everyone I have met fondly. The university has an excellent international students office and I can’t thank them enough for the work they have done for my friends and I. The local students are generally receptive if not particularly enthusiastic about meeting foreign students, while extra-curricular student activities are made available without much encouragement.

For all this and more I wish to thank whole-heartedly the Baden-Württemberg Stipendium for providing me with this special opportunity and I encourage other students to take this opportunity as it is a life-changing experience with relevant and consistent support.

Nationality: British – Glasgow School of Art, Interior Design