Success Stories

"Ultimately, the combination of the IPM Masters at the UAS Stuttgart and the MBA Programme at JMU Liverpool did not only provided me with an exceptional consulting and project management skill set, it likewise changed me personally and my future career.” Tobias Schütz

"Doing the Master of Business Administration Program in Liverpool enhanced my knowledge of general processes and requirements within an enterprise. The program especially focused on core topics such as business strategies, operational factors, HR and marketing, which are inevitable for a successful operation of a company. Besides the theoretical studies and professional researches, every topic was highly attached to practical situations. The connection to the practice combined with theoretical research was also the requirement for our final assignments and strengthens my understanding for applied methods and efficient business models in the real world." Raffael Haisch

"Taking part in the master program in International Project Management and choosing a “Hot” theme for my dissertation (BIM) allowed me to get out of a closed, routine working world to a wide world full of opportunities and connections to professional companies. It changed my life completely." Samir Alzeir

"Consequently, IPM Masters Programme offered me a unique opportunity to extend my career among the international development organizations through providing me with the advanced up to date management knowledge and the necessary analytical tools needed by international future leaders.” Dani Soudan

"If you want to go for construction on the international level and wish to expand your knowledge to Management through Project Management and Business Administration, I believe the IPM program at the HFT is the perfect choice to make. If you can join the MBA in Livepool John Moores University in addition, just take it! Once being a graduate you will know, you could not have achieved this anywhere else in a better combination of the attributes of the iron triangle." Christian Hussmann

"Project management is the art and science of getting things done, do you agree?" asked one of the IPM Professors to us - the new entrants who were high on enthusiasm of the firts day in the course. Bansri Pandey

"Being part of the International Project Management master programme in the HFT Stuttgart was the key that opened for me the door to achieve my career and personal goals." Amr Diab

"If you have career aims or dreams which you want to achieve, the Master Course International Project Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart is the right platform! It can give you career opportunities which you would even not consider as a dream, because it seems to be so far away." Tugra Demir

"The add-on MBA programme at the JMU Liverpool offers the possibility to connect construction-related specialist skills to general management knowledge. An exciting topic that was a great success for me." Jürgen Marc Volm

"Today I can summarize from my professional experience, that internalising entrepreneurial thinking, which was trained intensively during my studies, has proven indispensible. My activities in international project management have become more interesting and more challenging. However, I gladly accept these challenges because I know that through my studies I am well-prepared." Carolin Holzheid

“Was it worth it? My answer is a definite yes! The degree course motivated me tremendously, inspired me and boosted my career development.“ Fabian Schuster

“My focus was widened considerably, I would do it again any time. My life has changed entirely – both personally and professionally. You can’t really do or experience more in this time.“ Marc Fuhrken

“Germany is known for the quality of its products and punctuality in meeting deadlines. I had the opportunity to work together with a great intercultural community as well as within interdisciplinary areas. My expectations for this degree course were satisfied.” Harry Kazuya Rasito

“By choosing the Master thesis I succeeded in merging the knowledge obtained in my basic studies with the IPM while at the same time stimulating my career development.”  Karl Stamnitz

“Combining family and career planning is still a great challenge for women. This course of studies was an enrichment of my family time and had an extremely positive impact.”  Cordula Currle

“Doing the IPM programme was the best decision of my life!“ Christian v. Halasz