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If you have been offered a place and wish to take it up you are required to send us written confirmation of that fact by the confirmation deadline stated in the notice of acceptance

You are also welcome to register in person at the university.

Your offer will expire if you miss the confirmation deadline.

Registration is the foundation for membership of the university.



What is a Declaration of Academic History (Tätigkeitsnachweis)?

A Declaration of Academic History confirms whether or not you have been enrolled at another university during a specific period. If you have not engaged in any academic study during the stated period you are simply required to provide written confirmation (signed and dated by you) that you were not enrolled at any university during that period.

If you were enrolled at a university during the stated period you are required to submit proof of disenrollment by the time you enrol at HFT Stuttgart at the latest.

Where do I get a certificate of health insurance?

You will need to request a certificate of health insurance from your health insurance provider. Applicants who hold private health insurance are required to submit an exemption issued by a public health insurance provider.

When will I receive my registration documents?

Your registration documents will be sent to you by post and will include your student card and temporary account details which enable you to print out your enrolment certificate. Students starting their programme in the summer semester will receive their documents in early March. Students starting their programme in the winter semester will receive their documents in early September.

What do I need to do if I decide to give up my place before lectures begin?

You must provide HFT Stuttgart with written notification of your decision as soon as possible. If you decide to give up your place after you have received your registration documents (student card, enrolment certificates, etc.) they must be sent back to HFT Stuttgart. If you have already paid your fees for the first semester please provide your bank details so that a refund can be arranged. If your student card has already been printed your fees will not be refunded.

What is the General Aptitude Test (“Allgemeiner Orientierungstest”)?

You can take the General Aptitude Test online at (German language only). You will then receive a certificate of completion which needs to be submitted when you enrol. The test takes around 15 minutes and is free of charge. The result does not have any impact on admission to your preferred programme.

Does HFT Stuttgart offer prep courses?

This depends on which programme you are awarded a place on. Please refer to the corresponding programme page and/or your notice of acceptance to find out whether or not a prep course is offered before the start of your programme.

Mathematics Prep Course at HFT Stuttgart

The one-week Mathematics Prep Course takes place two weeks before the start of lectures and is aimed at new students on engineering and selected business programmes.

Prep Week

Programmes at HFT Stuttgart begin with a Prep Week designed to give students a smooth start to their studies

Prep Week provides students with an introduction to programme-specific learning and self-management techniques they will require in order to successfully complete their studies, teaches them subject-specific, methodological and social skills and highlights opportunities for the targeted application of those techniques and skills in a way which will enable them to study efficiently and effectively.

Prep Week generally takes place in the first week in March (programmes starting in the summer semester) and the first week in October (programmes starting in the winter semester). Please refer to the Important Dates section of our website for the dates Prep Week is due to take place over the next few semesters.