Architecture and Design

Architecture is the science and art concerning the design, technical, economical, ecological and social planning of buildings. This involves identifying and coordinating many complex requirements. These include everything from the historical and social environment to functionality, design and economics, to the suitability of the means and materials used. The quality of architecture, including interior architecture and urban planning, is measured by the comprehensive consideration of and provision for all of these requirements.

A general education makes way for a flexible career after graduating. Jobs in the field of architecture and construction range from architectural artists and design architects, who concentrate on architectural theory and visual arts, to engineers, who technically design buildings or furniture, to construction site foremen.

The University of Applied Sciences is situated in the centre of Stuttgart, the "City of Architects", and is a university with a nationwide reputation that unifies all multidisciplinary skills of construction in one location. The bachelor/master system offers challenging courses in architecture, interior architecture, urban planning and project management, where students will be imparted solid knowledge on design, technology and organization.

Focus is on a strongly practical approach to planning and construction, as well as other, integrative teaching methods. Students work intensively on campus, in the studio and in small groups. All of this is with direct supervision from professors and visiting lecturers from the departments of architecture, interior architecture, urban planning and project management, as well as the neighbouring specialized departments of building physics, civil engineering and surveying.

The Arch

“And if you think of Brick, for instance, and you say to Brick, ‘What do you want Brick?’ And Brick says to you:  ‘I like an Arch.’  And if you say to Brick  ‘Look, arches are expensive, and I can use a concrete lentil over you. What do you think of that?’ ‘Brick?’ Brick says:  ‘... I like an Arch’.”
Louis I. Kahn, 1972 (from: “Die Architektur und die Stille”, Basel, 1993)


Bachelor- and Master programme

The flags indicate the language in which the programme is held.

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