International Project Management

HFT Stuttgart’s MEng in International Project Management (IPM) is designed for professionals in the fields of construction, infrastructure or engineering; equipping them to take leading roles in complex international projects.

Attracting  experienced postgraduates from around the world, our Master’s programme offers the choice of two challenging specialisations; International Building Project Management (IBPM) and International Infrastructure Technology and Management (IITM).

Students acquire the soft skills and the in-depth knowledge of the latest tools, processes and organisational methods that are essential to deliver successful international projects.

Our flexible, modular structure allows students to study full time or to combine their studies with part-time work to gain both academic learning and practical experience.

Students may also gain an MBA from Liverpool John Moores University by adding an additional semester of study in the United Kingdom.


15. April
15. October



Master of Engineering

Name und Position Bereich E-Mail und Telefon Raum
Master-Studiengang International Project Management +49 711 8926 2679 8/3.28
+49 711 8926 2770 8/3.28
Studiendekan Master-Studiengang International Project Management +49 711 8926 2325 8/3.26
Studiendekan +49 711 8926 2778 3/217